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Driving under the Influence

March 9, 2016 | Comment


Driving under the influence or DUI is a term used when a person is intoxicated with alcohol (or drugs) and he or she drives a motor vehicle (such as a car or a motorcycle). Drugs have so many different detrimental effects that can either be reversible or irreversible. Getting caught in a car accident is one of the worst effects of drugs to the body. Once the capacity to coordinate and perceive of a human body is diminished, there is a great tendency that a person will be caught in an untoward road accident. Likewise, alcohol could also have a profound effect on the skills of a driver.

Whether it is an after-party driving incident or tomorrow’s hangover driving, both cases could lead to unfortunate events. Like drugs, the reaction time and coordination of a person under the influence of alcohol is also lessened. If ever you get caught in any of this misfortunate event, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a DUI lawyer in San Diego, CA. They are more than just counsels that could help you with your case. From financial aspects to even emotional ones: they know how to handle your situation. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to be confused. You don’t have to be scared. This lawyer will help you get out of you situation. Generally driving under the influence has impacts on the driver’s body. This includes vision impairment. Alcohol or drugs could slow down the functioning of our muscles in the eyes. Especially during at night, and vision and perception are greatly impaired. Blurred vision could be an immediate result. How will one exercise due precautions when his brain and eyes do not properly function? Drowsiness could also be an effect of alcohol and drugs making concentration an almost impossible task.

DUI is as worse as sleep-driving. The driver’s ability to track the position of his car on the road, the location of other cars, and the signs are likewise impaired. Driving under the influence of drug or alcohol may be common cases in the state, but the solution is not always easy. It’s hard to calculate the damages you have to pay and the amount of compensation needed by the victim. When you are in the situation, it’s hard to assess and formulate solution. This is why you need DUI lawyer in San Diego to help you.

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