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Why is DUI Heavily Penalized?

February 18, 2016 | Comment

DUI 4Getting pulled over for a field sobriety test has to be the most grueling part of a drunk driver’s night after partying. Instead of rushing to get home to get some rest and a shower if possible, they are now faced with the thought of getting tested for alcohol intoxication and subsequently get arrested upon their inevitable failure on the test. Add blood alcohol level testing at the police station after that and we’ve got ourselves one anxious driver. Although not all will be wracked with anxiety due to being too inebriated to even comprehend the situation that they are in.

Almost all arrested offenders of DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) argue that they haven’t really caused any trouble or accident that’s worth their arrests. The perspective of the arrested drivers usually tends to be biased on their side, naturally. They don’t see the responsibility that they decided to throw out the window upon choosing to become inebriated thereby putting other people in the highway or on the sidewalk in danger. Alcohol drinkers usually know their tolerance innately. Going past this tolerance means that they chose to be selfish and put themselves on the highway as a ticking time bomb. Thankfully, the police are vigilant in spotting signs of drunk drivers from slight swerves of the vehicle to exaggerated turns. The highways of San Diego are kept safer through eliminating car accidents that are attributed to drunk driving.

Offenders often complain of their time in lockup as a waste of their time. And then there’s the fees that should be duly paid with amounts differing from the number of instance the drunk driver has made the offense. The DUI record stays with them for ten whole years which will obviously minimize their chances of employment or even lose their current job.

On the surface, it seems that the reasoning of drunk drivers makes perfect sense; that they are truly punished more for what the trouble that they haven’t even cause. But on the contrary, the truth is that they may have caused a big accident down the line which could have cost people’s lives. It’s just that it did not happen thanks to being detained. Still, these offenders are entitled to invoking the assistance of their lawyers. It is a right, after all. Victims have this same right as well. The experienced DUI lawyers over at are most probably the best place to look for one.


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